Met some guy from Sicilia. Really pretty blue eyes. Hope he calls me tomorrow but I don’t foresee him doing that. Came back. was famished. was the starved, bitter wolf from dante that i saw depicted in the fresco in the cathedral today. ate everything i could in my pantry but wasn’t satisfied. was civilized […]

Lounging on the beach today, my friend said she’s begun enjoying life’s simple pleasures here in Italy. She feels like she’s able to get by just fine on less here, has been toning down on her purchases and has  recognized that she doesn’t really need things she coveted in the States. Appreciating the sand between […]

So while study abroad is supposed to shape you into a more cosmopolitan, mature citizen of the world, I found I’ve been devolving into a child… and I love it. Literally I’m living in a fairy tale where I’ve had gelato more days of the week than not, have fed goats and geese from the […]

Had my first successful pasta boil today. Because I’m a true Italian chef who cooks with heart I’ll lay out a few steps that’ll have you cooking this Italian staple a presto. To impress your Italian roommate, boil the water for the pasta first before easing those delicate shavings of dough into the bath. I […]

The “War on Women,” or the left-coined rhetoric used to slander the GOP during the recent Hobby Lobby decision, has been thrown around for too long.  I’m disgusted that the Left thinks it can claim supremacy over the field of women’s rights, and that conservatives are being too slow in showing that they care. I […]

Today I was at church and the Gospel reading was John 12:1-11. Jesus had come to visit some friends and was eating dinner at their house with his disciples. A girl shows up, washes Jesus’ feet with her tears,  anoints them with costly oil, and dries them with her hair. I imagine her hair was […]

Spring break forever. I really do mean it. Given a new connotation, it’s a message that should be internalized. While an extended stay in Cancun or some other tropical locale might lead to liver disease, some spring break activities are sustainable in the long run. Last week I traveled to New Orleans for a service […]